Driving is expensive for many reasons; rising gas prices, insurance -- the list goes on and on.

Have you ever wondered how much North Dakota drivers are paying for road and bridge repairs each year? Analysts with Quote Wizard did a study to find out where drivers are paying the most, and ranked each state.

Motorists That Are Paying The Most

This may seem pretty obvious, but the worse a given state's road infrastructure is, the more motorists pay each year. According to the source, Americans paid an estimated $150 billion in vehicle repairs and operating costs.

States that use a higher percentage of funding on infrastructure repair show a direct improvement on the amount of money motorists end up paying each year.

Not only that, but the source claims 13,000 jobs are created for every $1 billion spent on highway infrastructure.

Which State Pays The Most?

Overall, the state where motorists are paying the most is none other than Oklahoma. Oklahomans pay a whopping $900 every year. Do you find this surprising?

California came in as a close second, then Rhode Island.

How Much ND Drivers Are Paying In Road Repairs Each Year

You might be relieved to hear that North Dakota was named by the source to have some of the best roads and bridges in the country.

In North Dakota, only 6 percent of our roads and bridges were deemed "Unacceptable" by the FHA (Federal Highway Administration).

68 percent of the state's funding is said to go to road/infrastructure repair.

The source concluded that the average North Dakota motorist pays $479 per year.


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