Were you a fan? Are you still a fan? The American painter who taught us all how to make a "Happy Little Tree". Bob Ross aka Robert Norman Ross has had a cult following as he was the creator and host of "The Joy of Painting", an instructional TV program. The show was so popular for PBS that it aired from 1983 to 1994 in the United States, on CBC in Canada, and was available on similar channels across the world.

Canva; Tigger & BEC
Bob Ross. Canva; Tigger & BEC


One of the most iconic things or maybe "recognizable" characteristics of Bob Ross is his famous hairdo. That bushy fro we all know so well. With that thought in mind, it may be hard-pressed to believe before "Bob Ross" was a household name, that Ross had served our country. When Ross was only 18 back in 1961, he enlisted in the United States Air Force and would continue on so for 20 (twenty) years. Ross rose to the rank of Master Sergent and served as the first sergeant of the clinic at Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska. The Florida native's time in Alaska is where he learned and developed his mountainous landscape scenes later in his painting works of art.


Even Hollywood can appreciate Bob Ross and his legacy. We are truly excited to see this new moving comeing soon, that features Owen Wilson channeling his inner 'Bob Ross' in the movie "Paint".


Meet Bismarck's local artist, Nina Loeks, and owner of Art From The Heart; who in our opinion has the largest collection of Bob Ross memorabilia in one location in the state. Nina has been a collector for years and her studio is covered with famous quotes from artists such as Bob Ross to other well-known creative individuals.

Nina Loeks Collection of Bob Ross Canva
Nina Loeks - Art From The Heart
Collection of Bob Ross



Art From The Heart hosts numerous class sessions for all ages. We learned of Nina Loeks, Art From The Heart, and her love for all things Bob Ross after attending a recent class. As some of you may or may not know, we have three local DJs right here in the 701 that have, had, or are battling cancer. Meet Dolly Dakota (COOL 98.7FM), Stacy (URL Radio), and BEC (Tigger & BEC in the Morning on US103-3). These ladies along with Tigger as their "wing-man" participated in a monthly free class in conjunction with the Bismarck Cancer Center. This fun-filled evening is now a monthly "must". Check out and email Art From The Heart to learn more about available sessions and how we can all turn our little mistakes into "Only Happy Accidents".

Art Therapy For Cancer Local DJs: Dolly Dakota, Stacy Sturm, and Tigger & BEC
Art Therapy For Cancer
Local DJs: Dolly Dakota, Stacy Sturm, and Tigger & BEC
Tigger & BEC "Art Therapy" Art For The Heart
Tigger & BEC
"Art Therapy"
Art For The Heart

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