Harris Poll revealed their best of the best list for 2018 and I have to admit, I think the survey is flawed. I'll explain in a bit.

First, let's discuss the survey, the Harris Poll's Annual EquiTrend Study has been conducting this survey for 30 years. The poll attempts to measure the brand health of certain products over time across a wide scan of consumer fields. How do they do this? Harris Poll they surveys over 77,000 consumers and they were asked to rate over 3000 brands to crown a winner in various fields. The result are what you would expect to down right strange!

Just through the explanation from the survey, it's obvious the questions were aided, or in other words, the participants had a series of answers or multiple choice answers to choose their favorite brand, which explains the results. Because once you see the results in various categories, you'll do what I did, scratch your head and say "WHAT"?

Here are some of the results rated as the favorite brands in America from the EquiTrend Study

  •  Mexican restaurant- Taco Bell (at this point, I know the results were flawed, nothing against Taco Bell, but really, Taco Bell, America's favorite Mexican restaurant, I think not)
  •  Coffee Shop- Dunkin' Donuts
  • Coffee maker - Keurig Coffee Makers
  • Department store- Kohl’s Department Stores
  • Health Non-Profit- (TIE) St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Shriners Hospitals for Children
  • Credit Payment Card - Visa
  • Premium Hotel- Marriott Hotels
  • Sporting Goods Store- DICK’S Sporting Goods
  • TV News - The Weather Channel
  • Video Streaming Subscription- Netflix
  • Wireless Carrier- Verizon Wireless
  • Full Line Automotive- Honda Vehicles
  • Mid-Market Hotel- Hampton Inn & Suites
  • Off-Price Retailer- TJ Maxx Stores

There are even more categories which you can research.

From my point of view, companies who have an extensive advertising campaign in the region or a national campaign across the board performed well in this annual survey. The reason is simple branding, the more you advertise, the better your brand is for top of mind recall, which the reason for advertising and frequency in advertising. To list these as the favorite brands in the categories listed above is a bit misleading in my opinion.

You and I both know Taco Bell is not American's favorite Mexican restaurant. If you have a drive through, I do not consider you a restaurant. Nothing against Taco Bell even though I do not eat at 'The Boarder' often, I must admit their taco fries are to die for! LOVE THEM! But Taco Bell does have  an extensive national advertising campaign, thus making their name top of mind, thus the results. I want to build a wall around anyone who thinks Taco Bell is America's favorite Mexican restaurant.

Never the less, it's nice to see many of the brands are locally in the Bismarck-Mandan area and in North Dakota.

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