Experts predicted it was going to happen, and now it officially has. 

All around Bismarck-Mandan, residents are getting relief at the pump, as gas prices are finally under the $3/gallon mark for the first time in four years ($2.89 back in November, 2011).

The trend is continuing downward, as the federal Energy Information Administration is predicting the sub-$3 gas prices to stick around for a while. Nationally, prices are forecasted to average $2.80 for December and $2.94 for all of 2015.

Time reports:

If the forecasts hold up, by December the national average will have dropped 90¢ from the 2014 high, and the 2015 average will be roughly 70¢ lower than that of 2012—when it was $3.63

While we're still currently more expensive than the national average of $2.92, keep in mind, the average price in Bismarck-Mandan was $4.24 just 18 months ago.

Gas Buddy
Gas Buddy

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