An early trick or treat could be coming your way. Gas prices in the nation are dropping and could dip below $3 a gallon, even in California.

According to Yahoo and GasBuddy, there are a large number of gas stations that are currently selling gasoline for less than $3 a gallon and close to 60% of the nation's gas stations could be at $3 a gallon or less by early fall.

William Thomas Cain /Getty Images
William Thomas Cain /Getty Images

A spokesperson says:

Nationally, prices at the pump have fallen by an average of 15 cents per gallon from last month, to an average of $3.29 per gallon. While that's only about 6 cents less than a year ago, John Kilduff the CEO of Again Capital sees prices at the pump falling even further by the holiday season this year.

"I think we have 10-15 cents a gallon working its way through the system right now, over the course of the next week or so-and that could pick up even further," he said.

As reported on, the cheapest gas in Bismarck is $3.33 a gallon, but the average is $3.39.

The good news for households that use heating oil to warn their homes, you will be looking at a big savings this winter as fuel prices are expected to be 50-75 cents cheaper this year compared to last winter.

[SOURCES: Yahoo, GasBuddy]

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