When I went to work this past Monday, gas was sitting at $3.39 per gallon at most stations.  Certainly not a bargain but below the national average of $3.60 a gallon (which I know is rising daily.).  The North Dakota average is $3.58 and rising according to AAA Gas Prices.  Believe it or not, these are some of the lowest prices in the country right here in North Dakota.

Well, gas crept up to $3.49 a gallon on Wednesday and Thursday and it jumped up another 20 cents to $3.69 per gallon at most stations in Bismarck Mandan.  That puts us ahead of the national average and the North Dakota state average.  These are some of the highest gas prices I can ever remember.  I know gas was over $4.00 dollars a gallon back when 9-11 hit.  However, that didn't last long thankfully.  Most experts say all parts of America will more than likely see $4.00 plus gas this summer and it's expected to stay that high until autumn.

$3.69 a gallon actually is a bargain compared to places like the west coast where gas prices are hovering between $4 and $5 dollars a gallon.  The city of Los Angeles has some gas stations over $6 dollars a gallon.  Chicago, New York, and other big cities along the east coast are seeing prices near $5 dollars a gallon.

President Joe Biden said in his state of the union address that he is working with 30 other countries to release 60 million barrels of oil to help blunt oil prices here in America.  However, there was nothing said when this might happen or how much it will really help.

I for one, am not holding my breath.  These prices will cripple our already soft economy.


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