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A few posts ago we put together an article about heading to the garage sale and finding the deals of a lifetime or at least trying to find the deals of a lifetime.  If you haven't had a chance to read that one, go back and check it out.  Anyhow, we are in the process of getting the shop cleaned up, cleaned out, and gathering those treasures for our garage sale.

To keep or to sell..... 

Wrangler jeans, Tigger and BEC, cowboy
Original Cowboy Cut Wrangler Jeans - Tigger & BEC

Tigger tends to be the organized one on the team and being totally honest, he tends to get rid of items that should probably be saved.  Just how many extension cords does one place need right!?!?  So BEC was taking one out of the Tigger book and going through tote after tote of items, making the selling pile bigger and bigger.  All Tigger could think was CHA-CHING!  Bring on the sale!  But that's where things went downhill.

You don't wear these anymore! 

Wrangler Jeans, Tigger and BEC, Cowboy
Original Cowboy Cut Jeans by Wrangler, Tigger & BEC

BEC found her way to the personal totes full of clothes from, as Augustus McCrae from Lonesome Dove would say, "The sunny slopes from long ago".   "Why do you have all these jeans from years ago?"  Crew, we have to tell ya, there were multiple pairs of the Original Wrangler Cowboy Cut Jean, the 13MWZ.  Ya know, those that we got from the local farm supply store for $19.95.  They were stiff as a board but if that was the size you wore, they were guaranteed to fit every time.    And some of them were starched with the "super crease" running down the from of them!

BEC said, "You don't wear those jeans anymore, and besides those are skinny jeans.  A person does not even see those around!"

Tigger just hates it when he proves her wrong (laughing under his breath).  We were in Runnings the other day getting supplies and he made it a point to take her to the clothes section and show her how the Original 13MWZ Wrangler Cowboy Cut Jeans are still on the shelves and being sold everywhere.  That's right... The Original Wrangler Skinny Jean of North Dakota!

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