The very first COVID-19 Vaccine Shot was given to a healthcare worker at Sanford in Fargo on Monday morning.  How long until the zombie apocalypse begins?  Something tells me we're going to be just fine.  When you think about it, it's pretty amazing we're even at this point, in such a short time.



According to an article on Valley News Live, several healthcare workers at Sanford in Fargo were the first people in the state to be given the vaccine.  The name of the individual who was the very first?   "Lucky, grateful and humbling," are words Sanford Infectious Disease Doctor Avish Nagal were the words he used to describe his experience.  Nagal will get a second dose in about 3 weeks of the Pfizer vaccine.  Now before you think this means you don't have to wear a mask anymore after you've received the vaccine?  That is wrong, you are still expected to social distance even after the vaccine according to Sanford President and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Doug Griffin.  According to the experts, side effects are mild and include soreness in the shot area or a fever.

An article on KFYR-TV says, Sanford Bismarck Chief Hospitalist Mubashir Badar was among the first to receive his COVID-19 vaccine shot and says he’s happy to lead the charge after seeing the devastation the virus has caused to many. Sanford in Bismarck received 975 doses, of those, about 100 will be used  on frontline workers.  Between Bismarck and Fargo, Sanford received 3,400 vaccines total.   St. Alexius in Bismarck will get their shipment of vaccines today, and the North Dakota Department of Health of Wednesday.

I think it's safe to see we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel, and you can't help but feel optimism when it comes to 2021.  I mean after all...What else could go wrong?  Right?


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