Sometimes it's hard to believe that celebrities, rock stars, or even sports athletes like the simple things we do

What I mean by that is, usually, a huge well-known figure like a celebrity or sports figure will tend to avoid being out in public, walking around like a normal human being, in a wide open place like....the fair. For the most part, I completely understand why, because they won't be able to enjoy eating a fried banana or playing some of the games that involve skill in hopes of winning some gigantic stuffed animal to give to their kids. The public generally swarms all over someone that is famous. I will never comprehend what that must be like, to have your personal space invaded. There is one former Minnesota Vikings player though that doesn't seem to have a problem at all, and he loves a good old-fashioned summer fair, as most of us do.

Stefon Diggs now plays for the Buffalo Bills, but his heart remains true to a Minnesota State Fair Fun cake

Minnesota Vikings lost Stefon Diggs to the Buffalo Bills in a trade, just today Diggs sent out a tweet - was it a DIG against his former team? No, just his love for.....

So now we all know where to possibly find Stefon coming up soon, the Minnesota State Fair begins later this month - August 25th and ends September 5th. We also now know his weakness - according to "I haven't been to a fair or carnival in so long,...I need a funnel cake."

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