Have you ever wondered why the people that own the crane down by the river don’t get it out of where it’s at? The crane has been there ever since I was really young. I’ve always thought that whoever owns it should get it out of there. Whenever the water level gets up high think of all the fluids that go into the river from that crane. The best time to get that crane out of there would be in the middle of the winter when everything is frozen. A person could take a D-11 cat out there on the ice and pull the crane up the bank.

Maybe someone would buy it then and get it running again? I’m not sure who owns it but if I had to guess that crane has been there for close to 30 years. Every time I drive across the Expressway Bridge, I see it sitting there and always wonder if someone is ever going to get it out of there.

Have you ever driven across the Expressway Bridge and noticed the crane sitting there? Ever wonder why they don’t get it out of there? That crane would be a great parts unit for someone that fixes them or maybe has one just like it. I also think it would be a great yard ornament for someone that lives out in the country. Hopefully, someone gets it out of there in the future.

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