According to KFYR-TV legislature passed a bill that alcohol sales can officially be sold at 8 a.m. on sundays. The bills next stop is going to Governor Goug Burgum's desk for a signature. Many people say we got rid of the blue law a couple years ago and it's time to let people drink earlier on sundays. The current law allows alchol sales at 11 a.m. and it was previously 12 p.m. before that.

I think people should be able to drink at 8 a.m. sundays and let people do what they'd like to do. There's many people that like having a sunday funday and why not start early. It's time that we get up on the times. Most other states allows it at 8 a.m. and why not have ND be part of that.

There's lots of businesses that could open up earlier and all the employees that work the weekends would be able to get a few more hours if the bars open up earlier. The next bill I think some people would like to see get passed through is offsale on Thanksgiving and the bars be open until 1 a.m. christmas eve and all day Christmas Day.

Personally I think the bars should be able to determine their hours and be open when they'd like to and look at all the extra tax dollars the state and city would get. It's a win for everyone and the customers are happy. There's also been talk by some people to have the bar hours until 2 A.M. in Bis-Man. What are your thoughts?

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