When you order to go food and go to the place to pick it up do you tip? Many people have this mindset that the person packing the food up didn't really do anything so why should I have to tip them. I've been on both sides being a server and picking up to go orders. When I was serving we never really got tipped on to go orders and I think that's the mindset of most people.

I do think that people's mindset has changed since the pandemic has started and most servers were out of work or could only do to go orders and so people were really generous with tipping. Now that the restaurants are back open I think people are going back to their old ways of not tipping the to go orders.

I get it that most people don't like to tip for to go orders because the individual putting the order together isn't really doing you much of a service. If you do tip the to go orders what do you usually tip? Do you tip 18 percent or what percentage? Many restaurants got big into the to go orders during the pandemic and these places never did to go orders before and it's really great to see.

Have you ever worked in the food services? Most people only tip dine in not to go orders but you have other people that don't care if they are getting food they will tip.

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