Have you ever wondered if you get a speed grace or leeway when it comes to passing another vehicle in North Dakota?

It's always something I've wondered.  As somebody who drives a lot of rural highways in North Dakota, I was especially interested in whether you did indeed get some sort of speed grace when say passing a semi on a two-way highway.

I sat down with a North Dakota law enforcement officer recently who filled me in on fact or fiction when it comes to the subject.

First off, is there an unwritten grace speed when passing another vehicle that law enforcement officers will give you?  The short answer, NO.  One mile over the speed limit is over the limit.  There's technically no leeway whatsoever.

However, it's up to the discretion of the officer.  If he or she feels that pulling you over would put all drivers in a more dangerous situation, they may just let it slide.  For example, a busy two-way highway during harvest with lots of semis on the road, and some driver speeds to get around a semi with lots of traffic, they may let it go.

Again, that's up to the discretion of the officer.

I myself have never (knock on wood) received a ticket for going 5 miles over the speed limit.

I've found if you stay 5 miles or under you will not get a ticket and that includes passing another vehicle.  To be honest, I usually go a lot faster than that when it comes to passing on a two-way highway.  Especially, if you're passing a semi.  I haven't gotten a speeding ticket in probably 20 years, but if I do again, it will probably be doing just that.

In summary, there is no grace speed when it comes to passing.  With that being said, I know what's been working for me.

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