Every now and then I like to pop on Facebook marketplace and see what strange things people are selling/reselling. It never fails to shock me.

Old Trusty & Crusty

If there's one thing I always see on marketplace it's couches. Couches galore. I did a deep dive into the various sofas available (I don't need a couch, I'm just weird). Some of the ones for sale are legit, but a lot of them are questionable. I've put together a list of the beauties that are out there right now. I'm not sure you need this information, but here it is if you do. Enjoy!

Couches in Bisman

Here are some you could take home.

Look, they weren't terrible; I've certainly seen much worse. That said, personally, I try to avoid buying used furniture... it just creeps me out. What did they spill on the couch? It just doesn't sit right knowing I could be marinating in someone else's butt-sweat.


So, there is one exception to this no used couch rule of mine; I will take a used couch or bed from a family member. While I'm no doubt, sitting in THEIR butt-sweat, for some reason I'm more comfortable with my family's butt-sweat.

Maybe This Helped

Hey, maybe you spotted a couch you want to give a forever home. If so, I'm glad to have helped you on your search. Now, you just have to go meet up with a stranger to get it. Good luck, and remember... PIVOT! -- My "Friends" reference of the day.

Thanks for reading, TTFN!

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