Talk about the thought of a relaxing sunset on the Missouri River, feeling the cool breeze...

...and gliding along on board a new very special watercraft. Of course when I mention  Lewis & Clark Riverboat your thoughts go back to many times experiencing beautiful sunsets while enjoying this amazing boat - now check it out - the river will soon be graced with some more company.

The Port of Bismarck soon will be launching a new member of the Lewis & Clark Riverboat family

Just recently, The Mnishoshe: Charter Pontoon made this announcement on their Facebook page:

"In the very near future, Lewis & Clark Riverboat will proudly welcome “The Mnishoshe”, a USCG certified commercial charter pontoon into our fleet.

This is no traditional pontoon.
At 34ft long and 10ft wide, The Mnishoshe is powered by twin 115hp outboard motors and has one of the few full length roofs to offer you and your guests a welcome reprieve from the suns rays on hot summer days. This vessel boasts seating for 14, complete with 4 tables, a powerful entertainment system, and a custom portable bar stocked with customizable refreshments to serve your closest friends and family.
This vessel will offer a full compliment of educational and recreational excursions; the list of which is still being finalized.
We will be posting a full list of excursions and services available in the near future but what we do know is that our clients will be able to enjoy a ride with a USCG Commercial Captain and 1st Mate that will be happy to help you experience any of the following:
- Local History and Heritage Excursions to places like The Abner O’Neal shipwreck, Cross Ranch State Park, and Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park. There are also plans for river tours complete with an on-board historian tour guide to narrate the rich story of how the river played a central role in local and national history.
- Private Charter Excursions for weddings, corporate events, and private cruises to anywhere reasonably close to Bismarck/Mandan..."
Who doesn't love a good old-fashioned "pub crawl"?
Get ready for them, because when this awesome pontoon sets sail, here is a list of some of the ports that Mnishoshe will dock at:
So try and stay as patient as you can, and before you know it you'll be standing tall on board the "Mnishoshe".

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