The big Christmas debate has always been, a real tree or an artificial one.  I grew up with both.  My parents always put up a real tree and my grandparents always did an artificial tree.  They both have pros and cons.  Real trees smell wonderful, but can make a big mess with the watering and the needles falling off and can pose a greater fire hazard.  Artificial trees are less messy, but tend to be less realistic.  My grandparents actually had a massive aluminum Christmas tree.  I wish I still had that tree because it was an awesome childhood memory.  It was an antique back then, I can't imagine what it would be worth today.  I've tried finding a similar tree over the years with no luck.  I'd put up an aluminum tree every year if I could.

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Christmas Tree Prices Are Rising: claims Christmas tree prices are rising because of low supply and high demand. Experts say the 2008 recession and too much rain are the main reasons for the low supply. It takes eight to 10 years to grow a Christmas tree to maturity.

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