Just about everybody is back in school now in North Dakota.

Mandan Public Schools started up on Wednesday and Bismarck Public School is back in session as of today, Thursday, August 24th.

I'm not that far removed from a son in the Bismarck Public Schools.  He graduated recently in 2022.  I remember very well all of the different worries I had for my son as he navigated through his education.  One thing I never really thought much about, could a teacher in North Dakota take a paddle or a belt to my son if he was misbehaving.

I worried about bullies, his studies, and exposure to drugs and alcohol, but never if a teacher could take a switch to my kid if he was acting up.

Believe it or not, over 70,000 children in 18 different states were spanked by a teacher in school last year. 

This is something the American Academy of Pediatrics is looking to change.  They want Corporal Punishment to be outlawed in all states.

I went to schools growing up in North Dakota that not only spanked students but would inflict pain if they stepped out of line.  And I mean literally.  I remember kids getting thrown into lockers, choke holds, and other unimaginable forms of punishment today.

One time back in middle school I was standing in the lunch line and I remember getting whacked in the head with a broom handle because I was talking too loudly to my friends.  This same teacher would also flick his fingers into your skull if you weren't paying attention and any sort of gap in the line would develop.

The funny thing is, the city of Grand Forks would eventually name a park after this teacher.

As I was reminiscing over my childhood "teacher terror" it got me thinking about if this sort of thing still goes on in North Dakota Public Schools.  As it turns out, this form of behavior is NOT legal in North Dakota.  According to FindLaw Corporal Punishment has been illegal in North Dakota since 1989.  In fact, all of our neighboring states including South Dakota, Minnesota, and Montana have also ended Corporal Punishment.

I know there are some people who wish that teachers could spank their children if they're acting up in school.  I myself think that is something that should be handled at home only.

How do you feel about it?

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