Acording to KFYR-TV, Belfield Public schools held a meeting last week to discuss possible plans to build a new $15 million new school. The current school has cracked floors, a faulty boiler, uncontrollable tempatures, and many other issues the school has experienced. According to one of the seniors Kate Brevik, "Flooding in the girls locker room that there's no way to fix because there's not proper drainage down there and so whenever the water level gets high all of the water just flows into the locker room."

According to the high school math teacher Mary Baer, "It’s hard for us, too. When it's really warm in the school, you are totally exhausted even before the end of the day comes."

The school district is applying for a a USDA grant which would cover a portion of the cost in replacing the current 80 year old building. Some of the costs would need to come from a bond measure. The new building would accommodate 325 to 350 students and will house elementary, middle and high school students.

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