Winter Storm Watches have been posted for North Dakota and will likely be upgraded.

We may have saved the most impactful winter storm of the season for last.  A potential snowstorm that is expected to drop anywhere from 10 to 20 plus inches of snow has shifted its track to include a direct hit to the state of North Dakota.

Not only is heavy, wet snow likely, but blizzard-force winds appear likely too.

According to the National Weather Service in Bismarck, we could see wind gusts as high as 60 mph.  Travel will be very difficult if not impossible.

Blizzard conditions are likely across much of North Dakota Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Winter Storm Watch is in effect from Tuesday, April 4th at 6 am continuing through Wednesday evening, April 5th.  12 inches or more of snow is possible.  The heaviest snow totals will be in far south-central North Dakota into the James River Valley.

Winter Storm Watches are currently posted over most of central and eastern North Dakota.  Much of South Dakota and central and northern Minnesota are included in the Winter Storm Watch.

Here's a look at the European model map that shows what the storm will look like on Tuesday at 4 pm.

ECMWF Screenshot
ECMWF Screenshot

The European weather model has been the most accurate so far this winter season.  This shows that North Dakota will literally be in the eye of the storm.

The big question in Bismarck the last month has been if we will break the all-time snowfall record of 101.6 inches back in 96-97.  We're currently at 96-plus inches. I think the only question after this storm is by how much we will break it.

Stay tuned right here for updates.

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