Just think, last year we went to the movies, celebrated birthdays at restaurants, supported our local high schools, colleges - by sitting in the stands and rooting for our favorite team. This year, from March till the present, all that we took for granted has pretty much changed drastically. We saw businesses close, then re-open with new guidelines on social distancing. From feeling confined to our homes when the virus first hit, to being out and about again ( when things appeared to be under control ), to where we are now - Orange Level in Burleigh County and Morton County - a rollercoaster ride for sure. KFYR reported yesterday a news release from the Bismarck Public Schools activities director in light of the recent move to an orange status for Burleigh County, Bismarck Public Schools needs to adjust the attendance restrictions put in place at the start of the fall season to align with the new state criteria. The limitation set by the state of North Dakota for large group gatherings while in the orange category calls for no more than fifty individuals to be present.  

A New Release From Mandan Public Schools :

Attendance at ticketed events will be limited to 25% of facility capacity, not to exceed 50 attendees. Vouchers will continue to be used at these events. Visiting teams will no longer be provided vouchers.

• Attendance at non-ticketed events will be limited to two spectators per student-athlete. 

 We ask that spectators physically distance as much as possible and leave at the conclusion of their athlete’s event.

• In the Orange Phase, masks are now mandatory for all individuals on school property whenever physical distancing between family groups is not possible.

                         Trying to get semi-back to normal is one of the most agonizing times we are all going through. For more on this story click here.