Mario Lamoreaux, former captain of the University North Dakota hockey team and most recently professional hockey player in Europe, will be the first ever head hockey coach for the Bismarck Legacy hockey team.  The Sabers will begin varsity play in the 21-22 season with somebody who is no stranger to the Bismarck area hockey scene.


Posted by Mario Lamoureux on Friday, December 7, 2018


Mario Lamoreaux's youth hockey camps and skill training are well known in the area for developing youth hockey players in the region.

Mario comes from a long line of hockey standouts in his family, including his father who played goalie for UND in the 80's, his brother His brothers Jacques and Jean-Philippe are playing professionally, his brother Pierre-Paul was an assistant coach at UND and a scout for the Calgary Flames.  Mario's sisters Monique and Jocelyne were members of the silver-winning US women's ice hockey team at the 2010 Olympic Games, the 2014 Olympic games and won Gold at the 2018 Olympic games.

I had a conversation with Mario about a year ago, and I asked him if he had interest in coaching someday.  Mario said, "I'm not ready to retire from playing, still got a couple seasons in the tank. When I am retired from playing, I am considering taking a high school job if one is available."  Well, I guess that time is now.

Other former UND hockey players have dominated the North Dakota high school hockey coaching scene the last several years, including Grant Paranica for Grand Forks Central with several titles, Mike Lamoine won a state title for Grand Forks Red River two years ago, and he was succeeded by Tim Skarperud who had a very good first season with the Riders, and a second place finish at state this past season.

No doubt, Legacy hockey is in very good hands.

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