You walk into a convenience store, do your business and come up to the counter.  The checker scans your items and gives you your total.  During the conversation with this employee, you hear things like "thank you, sweetie",  "thanks dear", or "thank you, honey."

I myself find this sort of thing endearing.  I have no problem with an employee being friendly like that and using terms of endearment.  I can think of about half a dozen or more of establishments in both Bismarck and Mandan that have employees who do this.  Again, I have no issues with it.  I certainly prefer this kind of friendly interaction to somebody who doesn't even bother to give you eye contact and barely speaks to you.

However, last week, I witnessed a situation in line at a convenience store where a man threw a fit when somebody did this to him.  I believe the clerk said, "thank you, sweetie" to the man, and his response?  "I'm not your sweetie" and then demanded to speak to the manager.  He then told the manager to say to the employee to "knock that $hit off."  It was quite the spectacle to witness.  All for being a little friendly.

Okay, I get the fact it's maybe not totally professional to drop terms of endearment on customers.  However, don't we need a little more "sweetness" in the world today?  I'm just thinking it's the way people were raised in and around the Bismarck Mandan area.  I will say, I sure notice it a lot more from people in western North Dakota over the east.

I say, keep dropping your "honey, sweetie, and dear" on us.  It's all a part of the "North Dakota Nice" deal.  What do you think?

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