I can tell you right now I'm sure not

I don't normally receive packages, so this has never been an issue with me, until recently. I have walked into my mailroom at my apartment building many times seeing packages right out in the open for would-be thieves to strike in a second, and I never gave it a second thought. I hadn't heard of a rash of thefts in my place so I assumed everything was cool, but it wasn't. I got hit

"We are not liable for any package thefts in the building..."

I understand, but it also pisses me off. My friend had texted me telling me there was a package coming, and it was going to arrive that day. As I pulled into my apartment complex and got ready to park my car in the garage, I saw a familiar UPS truck on its way out. "Oh cool, I'll bet you my package is here" - it was, kind of...someone had torn into the top of it, and thrown the box on the ground. The good news is that the item was still in the box ( the thief apparently wasn't a fan of bad art...a painting ) the bad news is that it completely shattered every possibility of getting anything delivered to me in the future. I called my rental office and was told there wasn't much they can -sure cameras could be set up, but that doesn't seem to deter thieves at all.

 It's sad when you are literally held captive by penny ante crooks

That's pretty much the gist of it all, I cringe now when I come home and see packages freshly delivered. The only thing I can think of is to have anything sent to my workplace during the week. Do you have this same problem?


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