When thinking about where to call "Home" is a hard decision. Now add a spouse, a family, and all that goes with that, and it is a multi-faceted decision. A place to "hang one's hat" is not just as simple anymore. Striving to raise a stable family that is healthy both physically, and mentally and creates an atmosphere for all to excel becomes quickly a hard checklist to fulfill. This often or can require sacrifices such as moving states, changing careers, or changing schools to find that "right fit". Wallethub took a deeper look at amenities as well as factoring in high inflation while trying to live an affordable life. This evaluation process even looked deeper into the quality of schools, healthcare, and entertainment offerings. Wallet hub compiled all of these factors into their evaluation process to come up with 51 key indicators that deemed "family-friendliness" that then compared the 50 states making up our beautiful America.


Click here for a very detailed list of the factors, and exactly where each state ranked. Interesting as one quickly begins to see a trend.

WalletHub.com 2023 Best States For Families.

WalletHub.com 2023 Best States To Raise A Family / CANVA
2023 Best States To Raise A Family / CANVA


  1. Massachusettes
  2. Minnesota
  3. New York
  4. North Dakota
  5. Vermont


  1. Mississippi
  2. New Mexico
  3. West Virginia
  4. Louisiana
  5. South Carolina

For a full look at where or how your state may have ranked, head to Wallethub.com. Congrats to both Minnesota and North Dakota for breaking the Top Five.

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