There's a beautiful home just east of Rugby, North Dakota that is full of dead animals.  Now, before you become concerned, I guess I should be a little more specific.  Dead animals, that have been mounted by numerous taxidermists from all over.

John Seil and his son Ryan have amassed quite the collection of animals.  They're avid  hunters, and have traveled the country in pursuit of their passion.  John is a big waterfowl hunter.  His adventures include trips to Alaska, to chase ducks like the Harlequin, Scoters, Barrows Goldeneyes and Eiders.  Birds that are very hard to harvest in the lower 48.  John even hunted the Bering Sea in the middle of January to chase the elusive King Eider.  A duck that very few people will ever see, let alone be lucky enough to pull the trigger on.  John has also hunted the East Coast and numerous other states for waterfowl.

John and Ryan also enjoy hunting North Dakota for pheasants.  John is working on his upland game collection too.  That has taken him on trips to Arizona, Montana and Washington state, just to name a few.

Ryan is a tremendous big game hunter, and even guided a friend to a state record Bighorn Sheep last season in North Dakota.  You can read about that here.

So, lets get to the photos of John and Ryan's collection.  He even has his own mancave cabin in his garage full of animals.


Beautiful North Dakota home found full of dead animals.



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