It is not surprising bricks and mortar stores across the country are having a difficult time. Times and shopping habits have changed.

According to Fortune, Barnes and Noble bookstores have always been the 'spot' to get the latest book and served as a meeting place for many. Now with the internet giant Amazon, some consumers would rather use the convenience of shopping at home and receiving their purchases with free two-day shipping.

Wednesday, Barnes and Noble announced they are exploring several options including selling the franchise. They are the nation's largest retail book vendor, operating 629 stores across the U.S. B&N also has a digital bookstore with Nook and sell online.

Adding to the mix the company has gone through four CEO's in the last five years does not project a sense of stability for the book-selling giant.

Names such as Sears, Radio Shack, JC Penney, and Montgomery Wards will be distant memories of years gone by.

Barnes and Noble have one location in Bismarck.