Johnny Collier is back at the Lonesome Dove this week in Mandan, North Dakota. He started his show on July 21, 2020 and will conclude Sunday night July 26, 2020. He currently has the number one song on the fan voted chart. The name of the song is "Never Really Famous" and he currently has the number one spot for the fifth week in a row.  Along with having the number one song "Never Really Famous" He also has a song that's making its way up the charts and that song is called "Honey for Hire". It's extremely hard to get the number one spot and to get it five weeks in a row is really impressive.

Johnny Collier plays the Lonesome Dove two to three times a year and travels the country playing shows.  I first met Johnny Collier four years ago when they first came to the Lonesome Dove to play a show. What blew me away by his performances is he plays country, rock, and the oldies. He has a wide variety of songs he can play.

Whenever I see Johnny Collier play I always request Drift Away by Dobie Gray. As the music industry has taken a huge hit for a lot of people with Covid-19. Many musicians have had multiple shows get cancelled. Some have cancelled the rest of their shows for this year. I hope that 2021 will be a better year for all for us, especially for the musicians. I think we are all ready for this virus to be over with!


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