Who doesn't enjoy the convenience of a drive-thru?  However, drive-thrus could be a fatality of climate hysteria.  You'd expect craziness in places like New York and California, but it's crept as close as our neighbors to the East in Minneapolis.  Check out the story I found.

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Drive-thru windows at fast-food restaurants, banks and other businesses have long represented the convenience for which American businesses are renowned. But the ease of idling in a vehicle while waiting for your order is now associated with another development: climate change.

As a result, some communities across the U.S. are banning drive-thrus, citing the additional carbon emissions that are released.  Minneapolis this summer banned construction of new drive-thrus, while officials in Long Beach, California, have imposed a six-month ban on new drive-thrus while they study the issue. Similar ordinances restricting or prohibiting fast-food windows have also been adopted in communities including Creve Coeur, Missouri; Fair Haven, New Jersey; and Orchard Park, New York.

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