ANTLER, N.D. (AP) — Antler Mayor Bruce Hanson says tearing down a dilapidated building that white supremacist Craig Cobb once tried to buy puts a symbolic end to the town's effort to block him.

KXMC-TV reports the town on Monday razed a former bank building Cobb had wanted to turn into a church for his religion. City officials thwarted his plans by buying all of the town's vacant property.

The town is trying to recoup nearly $50,000 it spent. The demolition included a fundraiser lunch. Officials also are trying to draw attention to their GoFundMe crowdfunding site account.

Cobb lives in nearby Sherwood, where he's serving probation for terrorizing and menacing residents of Leith when he lived there. He's said he wasn't treated fairly by Antler. Town officials maintain they did nothing wrong.

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