Getting pulled over is the worst. Your heart races, you start sweating (possibly crying, if you're like me) and you start thinking about all the things you might've done wrong. --Though sometimes it is our fault when it happens. What if I told you that every moving violation you receive will be reported to your insurance company.


Every Infraction Reported

Yep, it's true. Starting tomorrow, August 1st, you will see your rates go up for every infractions.

According to, there are more than one-hundred moving violations you can get cited and reported to insurance companies for.

You might be surprised that texting and driving slips through the cracks.

The source says that North Dakota lawmakers passed legislation after request from the auto industry came about, asking for rates to be more fair and accurate.

People React

Looking through comments on Facebook about this new change has spurred on quite the debate. Some poeple thing drivers should be held accountable for all infractions, while others think this will only lead to more problems.

Many expressed their concern for rising insurance rates; some think this will only make it harder to afford insurance. What do you think? Will this new law lead to more drivers being uninsured?

Do you think this will lead to safer roads/safer driving?

Will you be driving more carefully knowing it is a lot easier to get ticketed?

Send us a message through the app and let us know how you feel about the change.

Thanks for reading!


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