Did you know, North Dakota had mountain lions? Maybe you knew, but I had no idea!

The Game and Fish is reporting the sighting and killing of a mountain lion around Hillsboro. Just to clear up any confusion, (mostly on my part) there are mountain lions in ND, and there is also a hunting season for the cats.

WDAY-TV is confirmation of a hunter legally shooting and killing a mountain lion Tuesday, Dec. 19, northwest of Hillsboro. The cat was shot in hunting Zone 2, which covers western North Dakota. This is the first killing of a mountain lion in the state in several years.

The hunter wants to remain anonymous, but unconfirmed reports are the cat was a female weighing about 100 pounds.

Western North Dakota offers the primary habitat for mountain lions, in the Badlands and  the cats occasionally are seen moving through this area.

There have been other sightings of the cats around Devils Lake and another lion was reported near Hankinson, N.D.

I had no idea!

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