The internet is hurting many brick and mortar stores across the nation. 24/7 Wall St. shares a complete list of stores that are closing in the near future.

Tim Boyle / Getty Images
Tim Boyle / Getty Images

We don’t know if any of the local Bismarck or North Dakota stores are closing from this list, but this is a complete list of merchants that are shutting doors across the nation.

  • CVS Pharmacy- the plan is to close 70 of their 9700 locations.
  • Abercrombie & Fitch- the internet has hurt A&F, which used to be the coolest place for teens to shop, the plan is to close 60 of their 300+ stores.
  • Sears Holdings Corporation which also owns K-Mart plans to close at least 42 locations nationwide.
  • Office Depot plans to close over 300 stores over the next couple of years due to struggling sales.
  • GNC is rebranding their company and plans to close 100 stores, of their over 4000 stores.
  • Macys plans to shut 14% of their stores nation widewide which is about 100 stores.
  • K-Mart plans to shut over 100 stores in the next year.
  • J C Penney plans to close over 100 stores in the next couple of year, and they too have been trying to rebrand their stores.
  • The Limited said they will close close to 250 stores nationwide.

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