If you're a parent you would have to ask yourself, "how does this happen"?

Imagine you drop your child off at school, and you're thinking the child is in good and safe hands for the duration while you are at work, but then you find out, you're 5-year-old daughter walked off the school grounds with another girl and the school officials had no idea.

This was the case last week for Kandy Swenning and Jared Armbrust. Their daughter was supposed to be at the MREC afterschool program until 6 o'clock, but walked off school campus in Lincoln unsupervised and the officials at the campus did not know the little girl was off school grounds.

According to KX News, the case is still being investigated by the school, but the parents are shocked their daughter walked off the school property without any type of supervision and the fact a 5-year-old could wonder away from school.

The Swenning's daughter did arrive home safe in the afternoon, nevertheless, the parents have a lot of questions.


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