If you're like me, your parents always warned you about too much time in front of a screen.  In my case, it was the TV, but parents say the same thing about computers, tablets and now phones.  I can still hear their voices; "Don't sit too close or you'll go cross-eyed.  Don't watch too much or you'll go blind."  Apparently, they may have been right!  That brings us to today's "Don't Be That Guy":

Phone Addict's Eye Explodes: The Daily Star claims a woman from China was recently rushed to the hospital after her eye exploded. The woman's retna burst because she is addicted to her phone and stays up all night texting and gaming. She may regain some of her eyesight.

Google Unveils New Pixel 4 Smart Phone
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WOW!  So, How much screen time is too much screen time?  There are a whole bunch of things which factor into screen time limits; the age of your kids, what types of screen time (school work, video games, etc.), other time spent on non-screen activities, etc.  Most experts agree that an hour to an hour and a half per night should be the max.  Screen time also cuts into family time and tends to isolate kids and reduces their ability to learn interpersonal social interaction.  If your Kids are 40 and live in your basement then you probably have bigger problems than too much screen time for your kids.  Bottom line, your parents were right, You Could Go Blind!

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