Get ready for invite that will pay you cash if you put Facebook or Instagram on pause during the election.  Yeah, sounds fishy to me too, but according to a article on Valley News Live the social media network plans to do just that.  My first question was does this have something to do with the election?  Well, it sure does.  This study will look at the affect of social media on political attitudes and behaviors during the election.  So Facebook will reportedly pay some of its users to quit scrolling for a period.


How much cash are we talking?  Not a whole lot, but it might pay for groceries for a week.  You could earn up to $120 according to the Washington Post.  Reportedly the invite will tell you if you decide to opt in,  you would deactivate your Facebook or Instagram accounts later this month.  You would then be inactive for either one or six weeks.  Six weeks without Facebook or Instagram?  Could you ever handle such a thing?  Some users would than have to take a survey before their accounts are re-activated.

Facebook plans to offer this invite to as many as 400,000 people. Let's see, 400,000 dollars times 100 dollars will cost the social media giant somewhere near 40 million dollars. The research will be done by independent researchers who will not be paid by Facebook. Their findings are expected to be announced by the middle of next year.

$120 bucks to not have to watch people argue about politics for six weeks? Where do I sign up?

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