They claim to have the worlds best burgers, and now they are up for sale.

scott olson/ getty
scott olson/ getty

Woodhouse restaurant is cashing out in Bismarck after serving up burgers for over 60 years. No comment on why, but when make a claim to be the best burgers in the world, those are words to live up to.

When I first moved to Bismarck, I had to see if these were the best I have ever placed between my lips. I must admit, the burger was good, but to say, the best, it was far from the best burger ever.

Never the less, the landmark is up for sale and of you want to experience the friendly service, old phones in the booths and a pretty good burger, you better make it to Woodhouse at 1825 N. 13th Street and relive some memories with the current owners.

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