Have you ever had a strange food addiction or insatiable craving, something uncontrollable, something that you just can't live without?  We've all had cravings.  Most notably, pregnant women have extremely odd cravings.  I've heard of craving pickles and ice cream, chocolate, steak, tree bark, even a lady who couldn't resist cotton balls, but eating Baby Powder is a new one to me!

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Woman Addicted To Eating Baby Powder: Birmingham Live says Lisa Anderson, of Devon, England, is addicted to eating Johnson's Baby Powder. The paper claims she sneaks off at least 40 times a day to snack on the white powder. Lisa estimates she has spent over $10,000 on her habit. She tells the paper, "I do get it's a bit weird but it just has this nice soapy taste. I remember getting really drawn to its smell. Now I can't do without it. I can't really go half an hour without it. The longest I've been without it is two days. That was the worst time of my life. I hated it. It's the chalky texture that I crave. I wake up at least four times in the night as my body just craves it. This has been going on for years now I just can't see a point when it isn't part of my life."

I crave Liver and Onions about twice per year and Blood Klub around Christmas (a Norwegian delicacy made out of pork blood and potatoes, fried in bacon drippings and served with Dark Karo Syrup), but I definitely draw the line at Baby Powder.


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