Well, we just had a "brown" Thanksgiving, which is a little more common than a "brown" Christmas.  Kind of ironic how we had PERFECT travel weather all Thanksgiving weekend on a year we're not supposed to travel.  I had hoped to go see my Mother in Minneapolis for Thanksgiving, but it sounded like the Gestapo was waiting for me at the border if I did travel.  That's another story of course.  So, how's it looking for a "white" Christmas here in Bismarck Mandan?

First off, we've basically had no precipitation since July.  We're obviously in drought conditions, so we have that going against us if you're hoping to do a little sledding on Christmas day.  Not to mention we're way above normal in temperatures.  Makes me wonder if the outdoor rinks around town will even get flooded?  Last Christmas my son and I went to the rink to play a little hockey.  Something I'm hoping I can turn into a tradition.  Me in my "Griswold" Chicago Blackhawks jersey and him in his Bismarck Demon gear.

According to Accuweather, it looks like December is going to start off way above normal for highs.  We'll see high temperatures in the 40's to around 50 through December 10th.  Zero chances for precipitation during that time period.  Temps are expected to cool around Friday, December 10th, and we could see some flurries or light snow that weekend.  However, it's only a slight chance at 30 percent.  The mid part of December looks like more seasonal, with highs in the 20's.  The weekend of December 19th looks like a decent chance to see some flurries or light snow, but it doesn't look like a storm or big snow event.  Our best chance for snow for the month comes on Christmas day, but again it doesn't appear it will be a big snow event.  That's pretty much it.  We will trend cooler during the second half of the December, but if I had to put odds on it after looking at this long range forecast.  It looks like a "brown" Christmas to me.  I hope I'm wrong!

accuweather screenshot
accuweather screenshot


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