Why are the stands at NDSU games not filled? A few years ago, the stands were packed and all the games were sold out. It seems as if it is getting harder to fill the stands with fans. Many people were upset a few years ago that fans and the student section would leave the game early. Maybe that is part of the reason why we are having a problem filling the stands? What are your thoughts? Why the stands are not full at every game?

Many people think it has to do with the global Covid-19 the pandemic outbreak. Do you think that is a factor to people not wanting to go to the home games? I've heard other people say that they are tired of watching NDSU win so many games. Me personally, I will never get tired of seeing them win. I've always said I would rather see them win than lose.

If NDSU decides to go fbs we would be forced into building a bigger arena and we are currently having issues filling the one we have. A few years ago, when I went to a lot of home games the place was packed and it was extremely loud in the arena. The Fargodome is known for being a loud building to play at.

How do you think we should get people to pack the stands at the home games again? Would moving up to the FBS be the right decision to make? What are your thoughts?


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