I came across this post on Facebook this morning that immediately grabbed my attention

Living here in Bismarck, one of my favorite things to do is to head to a local Facebook group page ( Bismarck People Reporting News) and see what's up. I feel like I have learned a lot about this town through personal stories, and the responses that they receive. This one that I saw this morning tugged at my heart.

On a cold Saturday night, someone pulls over in the middle of nowhere, drops off a cat, and then leaves

Sara shared this post and I read it 50 times over, with the same question every time, "WHY?" There is a beautiful twist to this, Sara's 17-year old daughter Samantha was out with Brinley and Journey, they were on their way to the Haunted Fort. Thank God for fate, because Samantha missed the turn, she pulled up behind another vehicle, as the car made a slow-u-turn, then they dropped off a cat and sped off. Samantha was blown away, she quickly got out of her car with no hesitation whatsoever, and picked up the bewildered animal, and brought her in.

Anyone with ANY lack of feelings would have just gone about their day and ignored what they just saw

Samantha is a textbook example of being raised right. The damage was done the second that she saw the look on the cat's face as the car cowardly took off. The fear, the instant abandonment was captured for Samantha to never forget. This is how her mom Sara said so perfectly in her post "...YOU DIDNT DESERVE HIM ANYWAY!!! You gave him a warm home and made him believe you loved him, just to throw him away like a piece of trash!!??? And even worse, you left him in the middle of nowhere, in the dark, to freeze to death!!?? The way he watched your vehicle drive away is something that my daughter will never forget!"

There are moments that make a parent so proud

This was one of them. Sara said to me on the phone just how proud she and her husband were, of something that most people wouldn't do, they would turn their head to a stray and go on with their day. People don't want to take the extra effort to care about an animal, too much trouble, etc. Samantha did this with pure love in her heart, and you can't teach that. Putting someone or some living animal ahead of yourself is THE most unselfish thing you can do, and she did it without expecting any fanfare at all.

Shame on whoever decided to just "Throw away a cat"

There is NO excuse, NONE for just throwing away an animal. If you can't take care of a pet anymore then there are plenty of resources out there these days that can make arrangements to do so. All you have to do is be responsible and use common sense.

The cat now has a new home

Sara's son Christopher had some friends over to the house when the cat was brought in, guess what? A perfect match! A new home for a cat that was literally thrown away hours earlier.

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