It's no secret since the pandemic began back in early 2020, back when people were losing their jobs in record numbers, the employment game has changed.  Many workers transitioned to finding jobs they can work from home.  Nonessetianal businesses closed or had shortened hours.  Unemployment numbers in North Dakota soared to the likes of the financial crisis of 2008.

Since then, businesses have re-opened, and "Now Hiring" signs are everywhere.  Even after nearly two years since the beginning of the pandemic, competition is fierce for companies looking to hire employees.  That is certainly true in the North Dakota workforce.  With more openings within companies, you'll find more employees looking to better their position within their present company or with somebody new.

This has led to more North Dakota workers saying "I quit" to their boss than in many, many years.  According to our friends at WalletHub, North Dakota is one of the top states in the country this past year for leaving their place of employment for another job.  In the article, "The States with the Highest Resignation Rates" North Dakota comes in as follows.  The resignation rate for North Dakota is at 4% over the last month.  The rate over the last 12 months is at 3.01%.  Overall, North Dakota ranks 6th for the highest rank in the country for job resignation.

That's a lot of job interviews and emailing of resumes going out in the state.  The workforce in North Dakota knows they are in demand and in a position of power.



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