What's all the commotion on Lincoln Road in Lincoln, North Dakota lately?

Lincoln, North Dakota is considered one of the fastest-growing cities in all of North Dakota.  The current population of Lincoln in 2022 is 4,627 people.  That's good for the 15th biggest city in North Dakota.  It recently passed the well-known city of Grafton.  Lincoln is also closing in the Minot Air Force Base for the 14th biggest.

The city of Lincoln is one of the newest cities in the state.

People who I know from other parts of North Dakota have never even heard of Lincoln. Lincoln is pretty green when it comes to age.  It was founded in 1977.  I live south of Lincoln and I love the small-town feel of the city and the convenience of only being 10 minutes from Bismarck.  I consider Lincoln my adopted hometown.

The one knock on the city of Lincoln is the lack of infrastructure and certain amenities.  Well, one area developer is working hard on changing that.

I got a chance to sit down and chat with Lance Hagen who owns a lot of land in the Lincoln area.  He's been responsible for many projects over the years including the recent addition of Dollar General to Lincoln.

Now, Lance is working on his latest development.  A 9,000 feet strip mall that is just west of the church on Lincoln Road.  Hagen told me that he hopes the mall will open by June 1st depending on the tenants.  The strip mall will have 5 lease spaces but that configuration could change depending again on the tenants.

I joked with Lance about Lincoln finally getting a car wash.  That is on my wish list, and he told me he's working on it.  I wonder if I can talk Lance into a "Hooters"?

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