North Dakota is not the ideal state for mobile home parks. 

Often brutally cold winters lead to costly broken pipes and other assorted issues that could cause you to break the bank.  Mobile homeowners soon realize the importance of good heat tape.

With that being said, North Dakota does have its fair share of trailer/mobile home parks.

Especially in two particular cities.  More on that in a second.  I myself spent some time living in a mobile home for a short time out of college.  Although, living in a mobile home park isn't for me, at the time it was better than throwing away rent money.  With the exception of lot rent, at least you'll get some of that money back when you decide to sell your trailer.  Granted, not like selling a home, but for a young family or college kid, it's not a terrible investment.

Now, two North Dakota cities share the dubious title of "The Mobile Home Capital of North Dakota."  Yep, we have a tie for the #1 spot which is a change from 2022.  According to MHVillage, these are the top 11 cities for the number of Mobile home parks in the state.

#11 West Fargo with 4 trailer parks.

#7 Tie Grand Forks with 5 trailer parks.

#7 Tie Jamestown with 5 trailer parks

#7 Tie Valley City with 5 trailer parks

#7 Tie Devils Lake with 5 trailer parks

#6 Dickinson with 6 trailer parks

#5  Fargo with 7 trailer parks

#4 Mandan with 8 trailer parks

#3  Williston with 9 trailer parks

#1 Minot with 24 trailer parks

#1 Bismarck with 24 trailer parks

Why do we have so many mobile home parks in western North Dakota?

I asked former Mayor Steve Bakken of Bismarck about those numerous trailer parks compared to the rest of the state.  Fargo only has 7 mobile home parks and all that population.

He told me this, "Mobile homes are an important part of affordable housing within any diverse community like Bismarck."  "Also, our milder winters compared to the eastern part of the state make mobile home parks a more viable option."

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