What Are The Odds?  I've been been on a lot of airplanes over the years that haven't been the most clean, let alone sanitary.  As a matter of fact, I was on a flight this past January that the bathroom was a total wreck!  Compartment doors were duct taped closed, there was paper all over because the garbage was over flowing, the toilet seat was only attached on one side and the flapper didn't seal because of...well, let's just say that something appeared to be growing in the bottom of the toilet.  I won't even get into the rest of the plane.  I felt like asking the flight attendant if I could borrow a vacuum so that I could pass my time cleaning, it was that filthy.

Needless to say, several of the airlines I had flown before the Coronavirus Pandemic had let their sanitation get a little lax.  However, there is an up side to Covid 19, airplanes are much cleaner now and that brings us to today's SOMETHING YOU NEED TO KNOW:

Flyin' The Relatively Safe Skies: Bro Bible says a new study by MIT reveals that the odds of catching the coronavirus while flying are extremely low. Professor Arnold Barnett says the odds of catching the coronavirus on a two-hour flight are 1-in-4,300. If airlines leave the middle seat empty, the odds are reduced to 1-in-7,700. The odds of dying from a case of the coronavirus contracted on a flight are 1-in-600,000.

By comparison, the odds of getting into a car accident on a road trip are 1-in-366.

Since the pandemic I've taken several flights and it's like we have shiny new aircraft, or at least there is much more emphasis on sanitation.  Either way, I hope that some of the new "cleanliness" protocols remain in place when this pandemic has subsided.  I really wouldn't like to go back to flying in a big test tube petri dish like before, but then What Are The Odds...SOMETHING YOU NEED TO KNOW!

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