The Washington Commanders will be taking on the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, November 6, 2022, and it's a 1 P.M. start time. I'm excited about this game as I've been a Washington fan my whole life. I was really excited when Washington picked up the hometown Bismarck, ND boy Carson Wentz. I think every time that Carson Wentz and either the Vikings or the Packers play each other it'll be a nice little rivalry.

Carson Wentz is a great guy and he is going to a great team. I'm thinking about going out to Landover Maryland to FedEx Field to watch the game. I have a lot of Minnesota friends and it would be nice to go there and have a fun little banter. Carson Wentz had a great few years in Philadelphia and I hope he will do the same with the Commanders.

He will have a great few years and who knows maybe he will stay with the Commanders for years to come. Carson is from Bismarck, ND, and played for NDSU Bison. It will be an exciting year for all NDSU and Carson Wentz fans because we all want him to do well. There are many people in ND that it doesn't matter what team he's on they will support the North Dakota boy. Carson is a great guy and it's going to be an exciting season to see what he will accomplish. What are your thoughts on Carson Wentz going to the Washington Commanders?


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