According to the Inforum, Rob and Melani Walton bought a ranch near Medora, North Dakota. The couple bought a 2,000 acre ranch for $3.8 million near the site where the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library is going. Melani Walton is from Montana and is actually a graduate of Dickinson State University, and the couple donated $50 million for the library to be built. Melani Walton was actually born in Williston, North Dakota and she was raised in Sidney, Montana.

According to the Inforum, Melani Walton serves as a trustee of the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Foundation. This is awesome that the Waltons have decided to buy a place here in North Dakota. Rob Walton is an heir to to the Walmart, Sam's Club founder Sam Walton. This is big news for the state and is great news that the family has invested in North Dakota.

The Waltons don't plan to do anything with the land and just plan to preserve it. The Waltons purchased the Hellickson Ranch, and the property according to the article borders the town of Medora, ND and shares some boundary lines with the Bully Pulpit golf course.

I think this is awesome to have the Waltons owning a piece of North Dakota and is awesome to have the land right in the heart of Medora, North Dakota. The badlands is a beautiful place to visit and would be awesome to live there. It's a wonderful place to visit if you've never been there. Congratulations to the Waltons on their purchase.


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