Christmas is drawing near, families are getting together, and the real meaning of what this season is all about just took place in Valley City, North Dakota

Try and disregard the stress and hassle so many people go through during the Christmas season, and focus on what it's really all about. Sure the act of giving and receiving is part of the holidays, but genuine love and concern for others far exceed anything you could ever unwrap on Christmas morning. One of the awesome signs that the 25th of December is near is of course  -  kids with huge smiles sitting on the knee of Santa Claus - the other is the ring-ring-ring of the bell from the Salvation Army Red Kettle!

Volunteers all over the country doing what they can to raise some cheer $$$

Lee Isensee from Valley City, North Dakota has been doing this since 2005. He has seen his share of older coins, dollar bills, and such donated to the Red Kettle, but what he experienced yesterday at Leevers Foods was just flat-out "humbling". He discovered in the kettle an anonymous gesture that clearly embodied what Christmas is all about. According to ".. someone donated a family wedding ring that had been a keepsake for decades" Along with the ring came a note:

Doing what this person can to help...

...the needy. Lee told me this morning on the phone "To give up a treasure, to show that it isn't just about the value, but the thought that this person showed was truly a miracle" Imagine just how long that ring was in the family, how much it meant. To display such an unselfish act proves that Christmas is much more than receiving.

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