You could win a $500 dollar plus prize pack for you and your sweetie for Valentine's Day.  Plus, you'll have the honor of being "The Bismarck Mandan Area's Cutest Couple"!

The $500 Grand Prize Package Includes:

Dinner at Red Lobster

* $50 dollar gift card

Nightlife Limousine

* A one-hour limo ride

Lodging at the Ramkota Hotel and Conference Center

* A one night stay in a whirlpool suite

Hirsch Florist

* One dozen roses.

Tickets to see the Bismarck Symphony Orchestra

* Two tickets to see their show on Saturday, March 12th

Tickets to see a BIG country show in Bismarck

* Two tickets to see this upcoming show at Bismarck Event Center

Upload a photo of you and your sweetie below and fill out all the information to qualify to win.  The deadline to enter is Sunday, February 6th.  Grand Prize winner announced on Monday, February 14th.

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