Orchards in North Dakota?? And even U-Picks that have fruit? Wait.. What?!

That's right, a state known for extreme temperatures too cold for most fruit other than apples, tomatoes, wild plums, and chokecherries... and let's be real Humans!!...

There is more to U-Pick than just CORN in the Dakotas!

NDSU has worked hard to bring Cherries of the Prairie to North Dakota.

These tart cherries make premium pies, jellies and jams and are perfect for kuchen!

Tart Cherry Trees Do Exist In North Dakota!

Ready, Set... GO!!!

BEC introduced us to U-Picks years ago on travels. She learned the importance of baking and using fresh fruit whenever possible! Her distaste for say Cherry Pie became an addiction for this tart, pucker up, sour too when mixed just right with sugar and lemon juice becomes UNBELIEVABLE!

PLUS there are health benefits from fruits like many of these fresh fruits just like for example Tart Cherry Juice! So Spread The Wings!

The Duppong U-Pick near Haymarsh, North Dakota is a wonderful road trip!

By Appointment Only! Text Preferred: 701.226.2335

BEC grew up running about this farm with her cousins and assures us all that we will be thankful to have made the trip! Be sure to say Hi to Aunt Mary & Uncle Ken for us!

If you go early enough in this very short season...

You may still find juneberries or rhubarb too!

By the way, if you've never heard of Haymarsh, a settlement north of Glen Ullin...

It's a place of mystery in itself and is sometimes even referred to as one of the

Ghosts of North Dakota!

Pack Up The Car! Top Off The Tank! Grab The Family!

And Roadtrip In Your Own Backyard. U-Pick, We Pick North Dakota!

#NDLegendary #BeNDLegendary

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