Two dogs at the Central Dakota Humane Society have been at the shelter since June 2016 and are in search of responsible and understanding owners. 

Rusty and Pugsy ended up at the Central Dakota Humane Society as rescues. There were approximately 60 Australian Cattle dogs living in very bad conditions. The poor animals were not cared for but their owners continued to breed them. You may notice scars on Rusty and Pugsy as they had to fight for food to stay alive.

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    Born June 2014

    Rusty is a male, neutered, beautiful red heeler. He is very nervous around men. He does warm up slowly with women. Rusty is dog aggressive with male dogs. However, he does tolerate some female dogs. He does better if the female is less dominant.

    Rusty had never seen a leash before CDHS, but he does very well on one. He is fearful and can be snappy, but also very affectionate. Rusty prefers you get down on his level.

    Rusty can be a very sweet dog but his aggression and fear have made possible owners overlook him.

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    Born June 2013

    Pugsy is an unspayed female Cattle Dog with a striking face. She is extremely shy, but volunteers have been working with her since she arrived at CDHS in June. Pugsy is now able to walk on a leash.

    One of her biggest fears is getting attacked by other dogs. It is expected she will have this fear indefinitely so it would be best for her to be the only dog in the house. Her fear and shyness are difficult for people to look past. However, a patient and kind owner will see what a great dog she is.